Parts will be shipped via regular mail. We try our best to ship parts on weekdays within 48 hours. There is no shipping during the weekends. Shipping is subject to availability.

All orders in the Netherland are shipped via with track & trace (€6,95 –  1 to 10 kg).  To other countries in Europe, all orders are shipped via with track & trace (€19,50 –  1 to 5 kg or €25 above). Outside Europe, the shipping is calculated per your location and all orders are shipped via international. with track & trace

Quality and warranty

All our parts are designed to last and handmade with high quality materials. Therefore we provide one-year warranty to any malfunction of our products by regular use.


Orders can be payed  using Ideal or payPal. After a payment is done the costumer wil receive with in  a few ours a confirmation email with an overview of the purchased items and estimated delivery time.


After contacting our customer service, defect items may be returned having the option of getting the money back or a replacement.